Message to my wife to be

You play the most important role in my life.You are my courage and my everything.Because of you I can feel myself becoming the person I have always dreamed of being.

Matrimonial service @ 30 September 2017

Reception to follow @10061 vlakplaats Ga-Masemola

Celebration continues on 01 October 2017

14 Lesehleng section, Ntwane Dennilton @ 12H00

The Couple

We first met on 30th September 2011 at Jane Furse. It all started when we were at a que at shoprite because she wanted to leave other items in the trolley, I then asked why?And then she said her money was not enough, I then paid all her items. After that we exchanged numbers and took it from there....
Kgaladi Abram

I am the fourth born son of Mr Seipupe Frans and the late Mrs Maria Kgaladi. My God fearing parents raised me well in church and they taught me so many things like to respect and to love other people. I am the man I am today because of their guidance, care and love. Growing up with my 7siblings has taught me not to take sides during disagreements and to avoid favoritism. I am a go getter, workaholic, humble and disciplined person. All my achievements goes along with my hard work and my dedication in whatever I do. My favourite quote "Don't change yourself to win someone's heart, stay true and you'll find someone who likes you for being you".

Masemola Thakgatso

I am the second daughter and last born of the late Mr Sethele and Mrs Mpitjeng Masemola. Being raised by single parent was never a problem because my big brother played a father role and even today He is still the best. My family is very strict and supportive.All the experiences in my life are useful and make me realise how I should be grateful for having wonderful and loving family. Prayer is my lifestyle. I am very simple, God fearing, adjusting, caring, loving,understanding and kind hearted human being, I cry easily and I don't easily get disturbed by downs in my life because I like taking up new challenges. My favourite quote "Love is not about how many days,months or years you have been together but about how you love each other every single day".

Message to my husband to be:

You are one of my greatest blessing from God, my best friend, my inspiration and my courage. You have shown me What love really is and your love has given me happiness in life. My darling thank you for loving me.


Matrimonial service

30 September 2017 at 10H00
Theme: Cream white & Beige
Reception to follow @ 10061 vlakplaats Ga-Masemola

Next Day

The celebration continues 01 October 2017 @14 Lesehleng section,Ntwane Dennilton 12H00

Message to my wife to be:

You play the most important role in my life. You are my courage and my everything. Because of you I can feel myself becoming the person I have always dreamed of being.


Maja Manama

Maid of Honour

Mrs Tebello Ramoshaba

Matron of Honour

Masemola Getrude


Makgasane Irene


Masemola Desree


Nchabeleng Keletso


Lethabo Masemola

Flower Girl


Wedding Planner


David Ditshego

Best Man

Philly Ditshego


Mashiane Kgaladi


Madisa Thabiso


Cavin Kgaladi


Thabo Kgaladi